Why Do 15,000+ Texas Teachers Choose EduSmart for Their Science Lessons?

Bring science curriculum alive through EduSmart’s videos, games, vocabulary, quizzes and simulations.

Reach today’s digital generation students on their terms. With engaging, fun, interactive, visual, online content. Presented in ways that your students will relate to. And best of all, EduSmart is 100% Fully TEKS-Aligned. Always. You can be confident your lessons are precisely aligned to curriculum requirements.

EduSmart's New Features
If you haven’t seen EduSmart lately, stop by our BOOTH 906 to see our 2018 release of cool new features and learn the latest on Digital Science Curriculum Best Practices at CAST’s EduSmart Academy sessions, Vendor Suite 201A.

We make teaching science easier for you, and more effective for your students.

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