New Products

New Products

New Products

EduSmart’s Latest Features for Teachers

If you haven’t seen EduSmart™ lately … you haven’t seen EduSmart!

The 2018-2019 school year brings exciting changes to EduSmart! The EduSmart team has been busy over the summer making several product updates to make science teaching easier and more effective than ever.


New! Science Readers

We worked with teachers themselves to develop these engaging, rigorous texts that help bridge the gap between science and reading classrooms. EduSmart’s Science Readers are levelled, standards-based e-books with printable assessments, available in two Lexile levels for all texts in K-8.

Teachers who piloted them last school year raved: “This was a great resource!” “I loved being able to assign the readers to my students.” “They were easy to navigate and provided valuable content.” “The students were very excited and engaged!”

For this school year, ALL EduSmart users now have access to the Science Readers at NO CHARGE. Learn more and start taking advantage of this new resource now.


Prepackaged STAARSmart Science Assessments
Teacher feedback also guided several major changes this summer to our STAARSmart Assessment solution, making this popular feature even more teacher friendly.  Now,  STAARSmart Science Assessments come in a prepackaged collection of quizzes and tests  that simplify the process for gathering more actionable data on student performance in real time. The collection helps teachers with both formative and summative evaluation. They are available for 5th and 8th grades. Learn what’s included in each grade’s collection.
Easier to Use Learning Management System
Changes to the LMS make teaching with EduSmart easier than ever. Using the improved navigation and the new LMS dashboard, you can quickly see recently viewed lessons, units and items.  You also can check the status of assigned lessons to students from the dashboard.

Google Integration

Do you love using Google Classroom to assign work to students? Then you’ll love EduSmart’s new Google Integration. It lets you make EduSmart lessons directly accessible from your Google Classroom account. This easy-to-use integration tool is ideal for all school districts using Google Classroom.

One Roster

OneRoster helps teachers and districts work more efficiently. Using EduSmart’s OneRoster solution, teacher and student data can be pulled easily and securely without the need for the manual generation of .csv files or other data formats.  OneRoster reduces the chance for data errors, minimizes duplication and saves district data managers time by customizing your teacher and student groups in EduSmart for maximum efficiency.



Single Sign-on with Your LMS

Forget the hassle of remembering multiple user names and passwords to access your online programs. With LTI and SAML integrations, now one sign on is all you need to access EduSmart from within your LMS or District Portal.

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