2019 Updates

2019 Updates

2019 Updates

Announcing Fall 2019 EduSmart™ Product Updates

Don’t let another student slip through the cracks. Put the power of STEM education in every student’s hands. If you thought you knew what EduSmart has to offer, look again

  • New productivity tools just for teachers
  • Support for the latest Texas education standards
  • New multi-language & multi-device capabilities
  • IMS Global OneRoster certification
  • And more…

Save Time and Excel with TEKS Streamlining

Our latest release includes content designed to more closely align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standard. Not only that, but with enhanced reporting, you can see where your students are academically and know with full confidence how your students are absorbing the material being taught.

  • Differentiate instruction by assigning students readers that are closer to their reading level
  • Accommodate visually impaired students with assistive technology science readers
  • Need more time to complete an assessment? Now, students can pause and resume assessments prior to completion, then come back and finish their work.
  • Teachers save time with prewritten tests that contain unique questions written just for EduSmart and that are relevant to STAAR level exams.
  • New Spanish readers for ESL students enable inclusive science lessons
  • Upper grades can now enjoy five new EOC-like biology unit assessments along with higher level items such as summative unit tests.

Enhanced interactivities encourage learning & retention even when the teacher isn't present

How do you facilitate two-way interaction in the absence of a teacher? The answer is, by using interactivities.

Interactivities are elements of the portal that provide the ability for students to interact with the online assignment by allowing them to act or think through action. They encourage knowledge retention and long-term memory, improve focus, and motivate students to take active part in the learning process. Along with student reviews, Interactivities have become popular with teachers and students alike.

The new EduSmart boosts support and accessibility for both student learning and retention.

Increased Support for Mobile Devices

We’ve designed the new EduSmart to be completely device-independent. From iPhones to laptops, Chromebooks to desktops, your EduSmart platform is designed to work the same across your devices. Why is this important? Because student engagement comes from fitting the way you teach into the way students learn and develop skills.

  • Get optimal viewing and interaction experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling— across a wide range of devices.
  • Teachers can assign work, view reports and more at any time from any place.
  • Students as well will engage and retain more through EduSmart’s mobile-friendly features that allow access to lessons anytime, anywhere, and acquire new knowledge at the point of need.

Security and administrative enhancements

Need to securely and reliably exchange roster information, course materials, and grades between systems? EduSmart is now IMS Global OneRoster® 1.1 certified. You can either connect the platforms using system-to-system exchanges using REST API’s or move data using simple spreadsheet-style (CSV) exchanges.

Secure access to your systems should not have to be cumbersome or complicated. With enhanced Single-Sign On (SSL) SAML support, you can access your district’s portal or learning management system with a single set of credentials entered once.

Review student progress with insightful reporting

Now you can get deeper insight into the quality of student work with our improved reporting. More teachers than ever are assigning online lessons to their students – and now, thanks to updates to our reporting system, you’ll have a better understanding of your students’ comprehension and needs.

Get an instant 15-day trial!

If you haven’t experienced our lessons yet, give them a try! They’re an excellent way to enhance classroom experiences, review core concepts, and ensure students understand new concepts as well.

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