2021 EduSmart Updates

2021 EduSmart Updates

2021 EduSmart Updates

Announcing Fall 2021 EduSmart Product Updates

Expanded Spanish Offering

  • Over 95% of the lesson components within EduSmart are now also available in Spanish, making EduSmart a truly bilingual resource.
  • All Spanish components have been updated to align with the 2018 Streamlining.
  • Enhanced navigation allows easy switching between languages.

More Biology Resources

  • Full-length practice tests are now available for Biology EOC. The items in the practice test are tagged to standards and DOK level.
  • Improved reporting includes item analysis to help pinpoint gaps in student understanding.
  • A new Word Explorer component provides enhanced support for vocabulary development.
  • Prebuilt Assignments were added for busy teachers looking for ready-to-go materials for students.

Deeper Insights through Better Reporting

  • Scoring is now available for Interactivities to motivate students. Students earn up to 3 gold stars, depending on the quality of their responses.
  • Improved reports for Word Explorer now track words completed, number of attempts, and lifelines used.
  • Enhanced assessment reports make it easier to track performance of groups, individual students, and specific standards.

Even Easier to Use and Implement

  • A Google Doc version is now available for all
  • Thanks to integrations with Canvas and Schoology, you can now embed your EduSmart assignments in your preferred LMS.
  • We know that you are interested in teaching and not in learning complex platforms. At EduSmart we will continue to streamline navigation, add in-app support, and add to our robust Help Section.

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