Science Readers

Science Readers

Science Readers

Looking to Bridge the Gap between Science and Reading Classrooms?

EduSmart’s Science Readers help teachers from K-8 do just that.

Teachers are looking for engaging, rigorous texts that help teach scientific concepts in new and authentic ways. Current textbook offerings just don’t meet those needs. That’s why we worked with teachers themselves to develop our new EduSmart™ Science Readers. Finally, teachers have an engaging, effective way to bridge the gap between content and literacy skills.

What are Science Readers?EduSmart’s Science Readers are levelled, standards-based e-books with printable assessments that help teachers bridge the divide between science content and literacy. They:

  • Are available in at least two Lexile levels for all texts in K-8.
  • Can be delivered anywhere – from the classroom to the student’s living room.
  • Meet grade-level science standards and TEKS ELA standards.

With EduSmart’s Science Readers, your students go beyond simply reading a text – and instead synthesize material and consider how science relates to their real-world experiences. Each of the 180+ books includes a short assessment of multiple choice and short answer questions that require students to use text evidence when providing answers.

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