EduSmart and High-Stakes Assessments

EduSmart and High-Stakes Assessments

EduSmart is here to support educators and students through this journey. Here are some ways that our LMS helps you with the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best – supporting and teaching students.

Use EduSmart to:

Standards-Aligned Quizzes

• Perfect practice makes for perfect performance! All of our content is standards-aligned. That means that these assessments mimic the format and wording of your state’s year-end exams, so you can be confident that you are providing the best preparation to your classroom.
• There are two ways to administer these quizzes – you can either give them in person as a print out, or you can have students take these quizzes online to receive immediate feedback on their performance.

Student Reviews

• These tutorials are perfect to either refresh concepts before taking assessments, or to reinforce weaker standards after taking practice tests.
• Each review is broken up with questions to ensure that students are retaining the concepts just explained. Even if your student answers correctly, they will get an explanation of why the answer is correct.
• Students get feedback on how they are performing on each concept, so they can understand which topics they need to focus on, and which concepts they have mastered.


• Vocabulary review becomes more engaging with WordExplorer! Assign your students a concept to review, and they can study the set’s vocabulary through games, pictures, fill-in-the-blank activities, and more!
• WordExplorer is more than engaging; it continually provides feedback to your students as they progress through the cards, and supports struggling readers with rich visuals.
• As students master each vocabulary term, WordExplorer tracks their progress by flipping over the completed terms.


• Science Readers can help build your students’ reading stamina and work on their reading comprehension. Rich visuals and plentiful diagrams support struggling students by providing context to their text.
• To ensure that your class is understanding the text they are encountering, there are reading assessments at the end of each section that provide immediate feedback.

Student Dashboard

• Students can take ownership of their work by monitoring their progress on the Student Dashboard. They can see their completion progress on review assignments and how well they are scoring on each subject.
• Parents can use their child’s dashboard to better understand the level of their child’s performance and how they can best support them.
• As a teacher, you can view everything you students see, but with much more detail. See their responses, charts on their overall performance, class averages, and more.

Reporting Features

• Anything to help teachers save time in their classroom-preparations is incredibly helpful. These reporting features help you monitor progress by showing how your groups are performing on assignments, assessments, and reviews.
• By using the reporting tool you are able to focus your energy and time on the standards that your classroom needs the most help with, and you can track student progress to see improvements. You can focus on where individual students need assistance, or you can see what your entire class needs to review.

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