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“As a new fifth-grade science teacher, Edusmart is an excellent tool that guides and drives my instruction. All TEKS are introduced with Edusmart. In addition, I can meet the needs of all of my students.”

“This program is a lifesaver! This program provides students with visuals, in-depth explanation, and allows them to engage in discussions. The lightbulb goes off in their head when they are learning a new concept and something clicks for them.”

“EduSmart helps my students by using visuals and language that is at their level. The videos are pleasing to watch and very instructional. I love starting a topic with EduSmart. It is interactive and also asks for deeper understanding of the students.”

A powerful tool for introducing
difficult science topics, reviewing, or for interventions

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“Students do not necessarily come with a lot of experience with science and the world around them. Your videos add so much understanding so that the students can completely know what the world around them is all about.”