How EduSmart Helps

Use Case Scenarios

EduSmart's research-based design and flexible format readily adapts to support multiple instructional models in a variety of instructional settings. EduSmart is built from research-based instructional strategies that are shown to have the greatest potential to maximize the achievement of increasingly diverse student populations.


Use EduSmart Science in a variety of different instructional settings including:


  • Whole class and/or small group instruction.
  • Tiered instruction using vertically aligned grade level modules to build additional background knowledge and vocabulary comprehension for ELL students and students who read below grade level and to remediate students in need of RtI instruction.
  • Prior to the district and state testing, students work independently on computers with assigned modules to review, reinforce, or to reteach concepts that have not been mastered.
  • Differentiating instruction by interest as students choose modules to investigate.
  • Integrating with interactive whiteboard technology and handheld student response systems.


Use EduSmart Science prior to, during, or following hands-on lab activities and instruction to:


  • Establish or reinforce the learning objective or target for the lesson.
  • Engage students and cue thinking or to bring meaning to the activities just completed.
  • Pre-assess and activate prior knowledge or reinforce prior knowledge and identify misconceptions.
  • Build or enrich background knowledge and create common background experiences.
  • Help students construct their own understanding of essential vocabulary and concepts using multimedia content in a format designed to address all learning style needs.
  • Promote academic discourse and application of essential vocabulary and concept knowledge through strategic questioning, simulated labs, and interactivities
  • Support the development of higher-order thinking skills through journaling, reflective thinking, and metacognition.
  • Evaluate concept mastery and provide immediate feedback and remediation with included formative assessments that are aligned to the content and learning objectives.

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