Tech-Based, Student-Centered: A Differentiated Approach

Tech-Based, Student-Centered: A Differentiated Approach

Webinar presented by Dr. Ava D. Rosales, PhD

Maya Angelou reminds us, β€œIn diversity is beauty and strength.” Think about the differences in your classroom - each student is unique from the way they say hello to how they learn. Differentiating your teaching approach to welcome this diversity in your classroom can help make your students feel seen and give them the support they need to succeed.

Gender, culture, student background, and individual interests all contribute to how a student should be supported in order to get them to where they want and need to be. One of the greatest tools to individualize instruction is technology. Using computer-based resources allows teachers to reach their students without increasing their own workload.

In her webinar, Dr. Ava D. Rosales breaks down how teachers can approach their classroom and address their students. Some ideas that Dr. Rosales explores include:

  • A language barrier does not directly translate to a knowledge deficiency. Dr. Ava D. Rosales, PhD encourages teachers to get to know their students
  • Auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners will find success when you tailor your instruction to meet diverse needs. Technology based resources help you plan with all learning styles in mind.
  • With learning management systems such as EduSmart, students can take ownership of their learning. You can tailor the assignments to fit each student, group of students or entire class. Individuals can pace themselves as they learn by reading ahead or going back to remediate before moving forward.
  • When you teach to the individual instead of the group, you can more easily accomplish instructional goals and meet standards. Support through technology can reinforce learning or push a student to a higher level.
  • To help teachers brainstorm how their classrooms can be student centered, all while leveraging their tech tools, she has created this downloadable PDF worksheet.

As an educator you are Empathic, Diverse, Understanding, Compassionate, an Advocate, Tenacious, Optimistic and Respectful. Outside of the classroom, students may not have access to the same resources as their classmates. With technology such as EduSmart, teachers help level the playing field.

Dr. Rosales reminds us, β€œ(Being an educator) is the most difficult job out there! We teach all future careers. We create the professionals.”