Top 3 Popular Ways to Use EduSmart

Top 3 Popular Ways to Use EduSmart

Over the summer we reached out to educators to ask them how they used EduSmart during the school year. We found some popular trends and wanted to share it with our community in hopes of sparking some ideas. Here are some ideas teachers shared with us


Example of Paula Noe Teaching with EduSmart

Ms. Felder has held many roles in the teaching arena. She has done outstanding work in Alief ISD, Fort Bend ISD and Katy ISD. In addition to being a classroom teacher, she taught art, provided academic support to teachers and was a math and science coach.

  • “Since the videos are in small clips, I explain while we go and then do the review and quiz.”
  • “I have the classes work on the quiz together, they all collaborate to get the right answer.”
  • “I especially like how [the Instruction Modules] were broken down and stopped at good talking points. The glossary was also something I used a lot so the students could hear it, see it, and use it. I liked the examples and non-examples. I also loved the interactivity in each section because those kinds of activities are hard to do virtually.”


Data Responsive Instruction with EduSmart

  • “[EduSmart] made the concepts more concrete. When students were struggling with concepts, I used EduSmart as my intervention and students could answer the questions in EduSmart. If they got it wrong, they got an explanation of the correct answer.”
  • “The videos provide excellent reinforcement for our visual learners and the interactive activities allow them to explore the concepts further.”
  • “EduSmart is a great introduction and review source for students. It is a great visual resource that allows students to better understand the content. It gives the teacher the ability to pace their lessons and is able to integrate the videos into their lessons.”


Keeping Students Engaged in an Online Classroom

  • “We used EduSmart some before the pandemic, and quite a bit during the pandemic. It provides an excellent “Explain” piece of the 5E lesson cycle as it is very TEKS focused.”
  • “It helps explain concepts clearly, step by step and allows for students to learn at their own pace.”
  • “The online virtual activities were perfect for distance learning use. The students loved being able to manipulate tools and labs virtually.”