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Mr. Dunk's Office Hours

Stop in and say, “Hello!” Have a question about EduSmart? Pop in for a chat! Want to discuss effective strategies for using EduSmart with your students? I’m here for you! Office hours will be offered from August 24th through September 30th. Register Here

Blended Learning with EduSmart

Utilizing Flexibility and Choice - Paula Noe hosts a session on discovering 3 new ways to leverage EduSmart into a blended learning model that supports your students’ needs.
September 16th 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM EST

STAAR Redesign

Learn about new STAAR test item types that will be used on future STAAR exams. In the 2022-2023 school year, 25% of STAAR questions will be non-multiple choice. Examples for new Science STAAR test items include multiselect, multipart, drag and drop, hot spot, text entry, and short constructed response. EduSmart resources already use many of these new item types, so your students will have plenty of advance preparation for the new STAAR format.
September 29th 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM CST

Recipe for Change: Moving from Cookbook Labs to Inquiry

Most science classroom lab activities are highly structured and move all students to the same known outcome.  There is little room for student curiosity, and we refer to these labs as “cookbook” labs because students simply follow directions like it is a recipe. Just because an activity is hands-on does not mean scientific inquiry is taking place. Join Lisa Deslaurier as she shares easy-to-implement strategies to move a cookbook lab to a more open-ended student inquiry experience.
October 13th 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM EST

Project Based Learning

Webinar by Dr. Ava D. Rosales - Incorporate project-based learning for depth of understanding of science content. Learn to leverage time spent at home for a deeper dive into the world of science.
October 27th 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 EST

Past Webinar Recordings

If you missed, any of our Webinars and would like to watch them, here are few of our recent Webinar Recordings.

What's New with EduSmart

What's New with EduSmart(1-Sep)

What's New with EduSmart

What's New with EduSmart(18-Aug)

The COVID Slide

The COVID Slide

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

EduSmart CARES

EduSmart CARES

Data Responsive Instruction

Data Responsive InstructionData Responsive Instruction

Science + Dual Language = Student Success

Science + Dual Language

Preparing for High-Stakes Assessments

03_03_21-WebinarPreparing for High-Stakes Assessments

Simply Doing Science

02_24_21-WebinarSimply Doing Science

Creating Science Choice Boards

Creating Science Choice Boards

What’s New With EduSmart

What’s New With EduSmart

Tech-Based, Student-Centered: A Differentiated Approach

Differentiated Approach

Inquiry and the Remote/Blended Learning Science Classroom

Learning series - Dr. Rosales

Science Investigations in the Remote/Blended Classroom

Learning series - Dr. De La Fuente

Teaching and Learning Science Vocabulary in the Digital Era

Lunch & Learn - Dr. De La Fuente

EduSmart Lunch & Learn - Digital Anchors and Online Journals...Do You Have a Plan?

Lunch & Learn - Paula Noe

Essential Questions and Power Standards

Lunch & Learn - Dr. Ava Rosales

Formative Assessments in Online


Formative Assessments

Keeping Students Engaged in an Online Classroom

Lunch & Learn

Visual Literacy with Milt Huling

Visual Literacy - Milt Huling