Helping All Kids be Great at Science

Never before has education been so hard for teachers and students, and that’s why more and more districts are turning to EduSmart to empower teachers and ensure all kids can excel at learning science, both at school and at home.

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Comprehensive Instruction and Practice Resources for K-12 science​

One place for all science resources, aligned to state standards with bite-sized instructional videos, lab simulations, interactives, and assessments.

EduSmart brings science to life by using real-world examples relevant to your students' everyday experiences.

Accessible to All Kids at Any Level​

EduSmart’s variety of resources allows teachers to branch learning, from intervention to acceleration, with learning components for instruction and practice that can be easily assigned to students at different paces of learning.

Enabling Teachers to Teach Science like a Pro

Extensive resources are available in each unit and are laid out in a simple-to-use learning platform that scaffolds learning for each unit. You can be confident that the lesson components and resources ensure that you cover all aspects of the science curriculum, enabling students to succeed in mission-critical tests.

The Only Science Program with Dedicated Resources in Spanish

Teaching science to ELL and Spanish-speaking learners requires specific content that builds science literacy with dual language immersion.

EduSmart is the only vendor with lesson components for trans-adaptation for Spanish speakers to learn science.

Simple to Learn, Easy to Use

All our teachers tell us that you can get up and running with EduSmart in minutes without any training! From planning perfect lessons, assignments, and assessments, EduSmart supports in the teaching of science every step of the way.​

Checking Student Performance Anytime

With many touchpoints to monitor student performances, from casual interactive class quizzes to formal prep state exams, EduSmart tracks student progress so you can quickly spot gaps in student learning and offer intervention. EduSmart blends cross-cutting concepts with science and engineering practice to develop students’ 3D understanding.

Applauded by Teachers for Our Dedicated Human-centric Support

Schools and teachers highly rate EduSmart’s dedication in supporting them to get the greatest value from their subscriptions.

Every day we speak to teachers on how to deliver great science lessons that are based on years of experience and feedback.

EduSmart is proven to raise student performance in state tests.

Average pre-test scores for the pilot classrooms jumped an impressive 18.4 points, with a substantial point gain over students who had been taught the same concepts using only district-provided teaching resources.​

  • 10.0

    Average School
  • 18.4

    EduSmart School

Integrated with

  • ClassLink
  • Schoology
  • 1EdTech
  • Google Classroom
  • Clever


Our annual survey gives teachers the opportunity to give feedback on what they liked about teaching science with EduSmart. We use this to constantly improve our platform

The videos provide excellent reinforcement for our visual learners and the interactive activities allow them to explore the concepts further.

United ISD

The videos were very detailed and aligned with our TEKS. Promotes higher level thinking.

Broaddus ISD

My students love the platform and find it engaging, so they are excited to use it. Not only are they loving science, they are also doing well on district assessments.

Palm Beach ISD

Explained the concept very well, with great visuals for them to see and understand with life experiences that they can relate to.

Northside ISD

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to thank you for the opportunity of using Edusmart in my classroom. I have an average of 85% proficiency on the Biology EOC and 90% of the NGSS FCAT 2.0.

Miami Dade

The lessons and assignments are structured and organized in a manner that facilitates student learning and effectively builds upon natural curiosity of young learners. It has led to a great deal of learning both within the specific curriculum and outside of it (students researching more outside of class after learning about something during class).

Austin ISD

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