Our annual survey gives all teachers to feedback what they like about teaching science using EduSmart and how we can constantly improve our platform

The videos provide excellent reinforcement for our visual learners and the interactive activities allow them to explore the concepts further.

United ISD

The videos were very detailed and aligned with our TEKS. Promotes higher level thinking.

Broaddus ISD

My students love the platform and find it engaging, so they are excited to use it. Not only are they loving science, they are also doing well on district assessments.

Palm Beach ISD

Explained the concept very well, with great visuals for them to see and understand with life experiences that they can relate to.

Northside ISD

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to thank you for the opportunity of using Edusmart in my classroom. I have an average of 85% proficiency on the Biology EOC and 90% of the NGSS FCAT 2.0.

Miami Dade

The lessons and assignments are structured and organized in a manner that facilitates student learning and effectively builds upon natural curiosity of young learners. It has led to a great deal of learning both within the specific curriculum and outside of it (students researching more outside of class after learning about something during class).

Austin ISD
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