Post added 12.28.2021

What is nano learning and why it matters?

Why it matters? Think about it. Not only have we started the blended learning conversation, but we have taught through a pandemic, and are living in a time where the most popular learning platform is a toss-up between YouTube and TikTok for all kinds of learners.

What are we waiting for? 

Suggested nano learning opportunities could be:

  • Visual Literacy Challenges (using images to demonstrate concepts & vocabulary) 
  • Observe, Talk, Read, Talk, Write 
  • Connect a 3D lab to a 2D challenge question/application 
  • Compare & Contrast graphic organizers 
  • Quick Write with key vocabulary 
  • Formative Assessment/Performance Assessment 
  • Choice Boards 
  • Explore at a Lab Station 
  • Journal Prompt connecting today’s learning to me personally 
  • Design Challenge 
  • Virtual Field Trip 
  • Vocabulary Games 
  • Simulations 
  • STEM Tool Exploration (Tinker CAD, AR, VR, Coding) 


What if … we go where the students already are. 

New Opportunities creating New Outcomes 

Sample Nano-Learning Lesson Plan